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"Andrew York’s eclectic writing and playing constitute one of the hippest styles
in American classical guitar . . . his writing projects levels of honesty, spirit and
magnetism that are rare in contemporary guitar composition.”
     - Jim Ferguson, Guitar Player Magazine

"Immaculate technique, elegant and expressive . . . His intimate knowledge of
the instrument provides for some delicious sonorities of authentic originality . . ."
     - John Schneider, Soundboard Magazine

"Andrew York takes old wine skins (Bagatelle, Etude, Saraband . . .) and fills
them with the new wine of his artistic soul. This is beautiful music."
     - Michael Rivers, Victory Review

“When Andrew York plays, the guitar becomes transparent; the music just
pours out from his soul.”
     - Russ De Angelo, Festival Director, La Guitarra California

“While some people play music others are musicians. These people transcend
whatever instrument they play and connect with a level far beyond the mere
physical. Andrew York is one of these special people who do just that; he is a
musician’s musician. Not only through his performances but through his
composing he is enriching the guitar in ways only future generations will truly
understand. It is an honor and pleasure to know this gifited and kind artist.”
     - Bill Piburn, Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine