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Song for Susan - Late at night, lit only by candlelight - this is the proper magical space I’m trying to evoke with this expansive composition.

Skerries - Skerries is a town on the Irish coast north of Dublin. After a memorable visit there, I wrote this piece with a hint of the green island peeking through the notes.

Night On Maui - I love islands. Of the many I’ve visited, Maui is one I love most. This week’s Monday Memory is “Night On Maui”, and I try to conjure some of the magic of evenings in Hawaii, with images from some of my favorite places on this beautiful island.

Listening - In this week's “Monday Memories” edition we offer my composition Listening. Composed as a Prayer for receiving illumination and a connection with spirit and meaning, this piece attempts to awaken that which we all seek in some way and on some level. Listening is part of the collection 'Four Prayers.'

"Roasted Green Tea" - For this week's “Monday Memories” we are revisiting Roasted Green Tea. In this composition I experimented with a groove that makes you want to move. The title refers to hojicha, the delicious roasted green tea in Japan, and it was during a cup of this tea during my tour in Japan with Dai Kimura in 2019 that I improvised the essence of this groove, and only later in 2021 did I create a composition from those tea-inspired ideas. Who said classical guitar can't be both multilayered and fun?

"Numina" is the most challenging and final movement in "Numen Suite." There is a joy bubbling up through this work despite its technical demands. The first movement, titled "Numen," I composed more than thirty years ago. Only recently did I compose the other three movements that make up the suite basing them on "Numen." It was an illuminating experience to connect very different periods of my life in this one composition. I hope you enjoy this final movement, "Numina."

"Nuo Duo" - Who said classical guitar can’t be fun? When Andrew and Ulli Boegershausen blend nylon and steel, you can’t help but feel that everything is going to be alright. And maybe even dance a little.

"Deepening," a special and personal piece for me, filmed early during the pandemic.

An anthem for our new reality, "The World Has Changed" is an evocative exploration of the paradigm shift that is reshaping our world.

"Not Alone", with Andrew singing and playing ukulele! And inspirational message of hope and joy for uncertain times.

"Ain't No Sunshine", Andrew singing his own arrangement of the iconic piece by the incomparable Bill Withers.

"Sunday Funday", and improvisation exercise in jazz style, played at home during isolation.

"Home", played on an 1888 Torres at Guitar Salon International. "Home" is a Scottish-sound sentimental piece that was born from an improvisation.

Equations of Beauty, six movements - h, e, π, i, ∞ and c. Played on Julian Bream's 1957 Hermann Hauser II guitar. Video by Guitar Salon International.

Playing "Yamour" on a 1888 Torres guitar - video by Guitar Salon International.

By Candlelight, from documentary "Primal Twang".


This is a special on NDR, the German television station, about a visit I made to Hamburg. It aired to millions of people.

A television news clip from my visit to the Czech Republic.


This is the video shot by Sony Japan to promote the CD I recorded with Dai Kimura.

Andecy, based on an improvisation in France in a town of the same name.

The fulfillment of my long-time desire to write a classical guitar reggae piece.

My arrangement 3rd Cello in C major by J.S. Bach, from Oberhausen Germany. I tune my guitar like a cello and play it at pitch, exaactly like the cello music without filling out the harmonies, as is often done.

Los Angeles Guitar Quartet, promo video from 1995. Membership of LAGQ at that time was Andrew York, John Dearman, Scott Tennant and William Kanengiser. This video was directed, filmed and edited by Sim Sadler. John Dearman also put in a lot of time on its creation.